Excalibur Lincoln Type II Bianmian Special Edition

Launched in 1955, the Greenwich model was developed by Rolex as an international route pilots. Since 2005, the Greenwich II is equipped with a 24-hour rotating outer ring that reads three time zones, two of which can be read simultaneously, and this feature is of great value to the traveler. The Greenwich watch is designed for professional use, with its unparalleled functionality and design, and it is also popular with travelers. In addition to the different time zone display, the Greenwich type of solid material and easy to match the appearance, not only suitable for around the world to wear, but also apply to attend any occasion. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Grameen type II diamond special models, watch the official model: 116769TBR-74779B. This diamond-studded Greenwich uk replica watches , with 40 mm diameter design, 18k white gold material. Dial, bezel, case, bracelet are set inlaid with diamonds, at first glance very luxurious. As the bezel set with diamonds, Greenwich series of unique large number of bezel there is no, but this grated diamond watch, is entirely a work of art, practical can be completely negligible. The side is still a dense diamond design, crown three buckle lock on the crown, three buckle on the chain crown is designed for diving watch and design of the triple waterproof system. Developed by Rolex, for submarine and other professional watch models of the three buckle on the chain crown can be waterproof up to 300 meters. Official given Greenwich watch waterproof 100 meters, but in fact up to 300 meters. Stamps are Oyster Straps, which are introduced in the late 1930s and consist of three rows of large, flat links that are extremely strong and have been the most widely used in the Oyster series. This watch bracelet for 18k white gold to create a dense diamond, strap side is also studded with replica watches uk diamonds, this watch can be said to wear no one Guanghua radiance. No crown side is still a dense diamond, this nothing to say, and a word "extravagant". Lugs or gable. Must mention that rolex replica watches is also very important to ergonomic, ostrich and oyster with the band, the ear is basically flush with the first section of the oyster strap, the two perfect blend together, wear it Comfortable. Clasp with Oyster Insurance discount with 5 mm easy to adjust the chain extension system, easy to adjust the chain extension system simply folding, strap can be extended 5 mm, so wear more comfortable. And after thousands of times through the Rolex test, absolutely safe and reliable. Scratch-resistant sapphire mirror, 3 o'clock anti-reflective convex zoom Zoom 2.5 times the calendar window. The most attractive place of this watch is undoubtedly its unique disk design, bold zebra design in the noble luxury full of wild, dazzling diamond and 18k white gold surface formation at first glance contrast. 12 o'clock to retain the Greenwich series of traditional luminous paint logo, and no inlaid diamonds. Movement with Rolex self-developed 3186 self-winding movement. In addition to the traditional hour, minute, second hand, and with a 24 hour pointer to display the second urban area. Equipped with Parachrom gossamer, effectively prevent the impact of the impact of the watch or temperature changes. Its structure is the same as all Oyster movement, with unparalleled reliability. Summary: This watch is not mentioned, after all, is a collection of watches practical limited. The Rolex Greene Type II series can read three time zones, two of which time can be synchronized to read, functional and practical, the most fundamental role of a watch is to look at the time, and Rolex has this function to do To the extreme. Shape is also very suitable for attending a variety of occasions, with the dress is more solemn. Absolutely can be used as the first high-level watch in life to start. At present this section of the watch offer: 4,756,500 yuan.