With our continuous increase in spread of production space TRIO has invested heavily in infrastructural development. The development is in all spheres starting from clean and hygienic working environment, technologically upgraded machines, enriched sampling department and motivated manpower. With this infrastructure in place we are all set to deliver the best of quality products to our esteemed customers.


All our machines and equipments are from the best makers globally to name a few Durkopp Adler, OMAC, ATOM, Camoga etc. These include automatic sewing machines, computerised pattern stitching machines, automatic embossing machines, skiving, clicking machines etc.



Our development team is at the core of our success. They are constantly innovating with ideas, materials and patterns. Constantly thinking beyond the realms of the present and mundane…stretching the boundaries to future concepts and inspiration derived from pure speculation based on international and ethnic fashion trends.


Each of our factories are equipped with their own development team of Sample Makers and Pattern Makers. There is a dedicated sourcing department to support the sample department to meet customer deadlines. We are in the process of digitizing our sample library.





Bags – More than 425,000 Units / per Annum

Small Leather Goods & Accessories - More than 500,000 Units / per Annum.

In 2015 we are adding fresh facility to our existing capacity.



Our finished goods are stored in specially built de-humidifying chambers

Goods are kept for 10-12 hours before the moisture level on finished goods come down to acceptable level before they are packed

We also use anti-mould stickers on the products, to prevent mould related issues during transit 

Goods are final carton packed in the same facility.