It is the culture of our organization that sows seeds for our commitment. We believe that a company’s culture begins with its founders – what they believe in, what they value and how they work. Our company takes the opportunity to   try new approaches to culture – taking things that we learn from others that we aspire to emulate or, ideally, embellish to make our own.


We are strongly and steadfastly committed to our clients quality standards and delivery schedules and this is possible because of the internal approach of commitment and caring we share with our employees. 


The mantra is clear – what we seek externally we achieve internally”.



Consistently meeting or exceeding customer requirements and expectations

Time bound deliveries

Continuously improving process controls in all areas of our business

Encouraging our suppliers to enhance quality of inputs

Attracting, developing and retaining motivated quality performers.

Compliance to the domestic and international regulatory requirements applicable to our products




We follow REACH compliance.

We are continuously updated by BLC & CLRI on the latest International quality requirements

The same are updated to our suppliers, to incorporate these in their supplies to us.

To ensure consistency in all our products we follow stringent Quality Assurance & Quality Control processes that include -

  1. A well defined quality checklist
  2. Stage wise Quality checks
  3. AQL inspection process
  4. Application of Quality Tools
  5. Use of in house and established  reputed third party testing houses to test materials and products for compliance to buyers standards




We perform quality checks on all our incoming materials & at various stages of the manufacturing process from Leather cutting to finished product

Our trained Quality Inspectors conduct through checks on finished goods for Aesthetic, Functional & Critical areas

We do AQL inspection on the packed shipment before despatch


- All our sharp tools are numbered & recorded

- Separate storing areas are allocated for sharp tools in our facilities

- Broken Needle policy is strictly monitored & recorded

- We practice a very stringent needle issue policy.

- All sharp tools on tables/machines are secured for safety



Social Responsibility: SA8000:2008 Certification by SGS ITALIA S.p.A.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification by SGS SGS ITALIA S.p.A.

[ Our Factories are audited by reputed organisations – to name a few are SGS, KMPG and Intertek.]




We have regular internal and external audits from reputed agencies like KPMG, BUREAU VERITAS, and SGS.  These audits help us to keep a check on our processes and take corrective actions based on the audit reports